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Berber A. (2013), Klasik Yönetim Düşüncesi: Geleneksel ve Klasik Paradigmalarla Klasik ve Neo-Klasik Örgüt Teorileri (Classical Management Thought—Conventional & Classical Paradigms, and Classical & Neo-Classical Organisation Theories), Istanbul: Alfa. ISBN: 978-605-106-807-7



Part 1 THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: Ch.1 Britain: Early Factories, Ch.2 American Manufacturing System and the Management Movement

Part 2 THE SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT ERA: Ch.3 Frederick Winslow Taylor, Ch.4 The Scientific Management Movement, Ch.5 From Manufacturing Units to Business Organisations, Ch.6 Management Thinking in Europe

Part 3 THE HUMAN RELATIONS ERA: Ch.7 The Hawthorne Studies, Ch.8 From the Industrial Man to the Organisational Individual, Ch.9 Towards Organisational Integration, Ch.10 Life in Organisations 

Part 4 MODERN TIMES: Ch.11 Rise of Professional Management, Ch.12 Towards Modern Management Thought

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