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Recent talks delivered




The University of Bath, School of Management, UK
Putting British industrial history under an international microscope — Does an understanding of the past enhance our understanding of the future?




The University of Bath, School of Management, UK

Learning from the history of management thought and implications for management scholars


University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

Diversity matters! A discussion on conceptual thinking in management and HRM

Management Workshop, Istanbul University School of Business

Critical thinking and academic writing




Turquality Management Development Programme, Istanbul University

Corporate social responsibility and diversity & equality issues at work




Henri Fayol & Management Thought Conference, Istanbul

Fayolism vs Taylorism in France (1916-1925): A 100-year-old story of dichotomy in management thought


Management and Organisation Workshop, Istanbul University

Qualitative research in organisation studies and critical thinking




Brunel University London, Brunel Business School

Learning from the past—Studying classical management thought does not mean studying history


Brunel University London, Brunel Business School

Qualitative research methods: Case studies and grounded theory


Some recent conference papers


  • Berber A., Rofcanin Y. (2017) “The focal employee and the co-worker: Can HR differentiation be a tool for inclusion at work?”, 13thCorporate Responsibility Research Conference (CRRC), Seville, Spain.

  • Rofcanin, Y., Voulgaris, G., Berber, A. (2016) “How does sustainable HR practices influence work performance? A closer look at the processes and boundary conditions”, 12thCorporate Responsibility Research Conference (CRRC), Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Afacan Fındıklı M., Rofcanin Y., Berber A. (2015) “Linking job crafting to individual work performance: The role of individual resilience”, 17thCongress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), Oslo, Norway.

  • Rofcanin Y., Sevinç L., Berber A. (2014) “Do competencies predict performance of employees?”, 9thConference of the International Test Commission, University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain. 

  • Toplu D., Berber A., Yaslıoglu M. (2013) “‘Act like a designer, think like a strategist’ - Platform model conceptualization and the engineer's approach as a platform architect: Evidence from Turkey”, 14thInternational Continuous Innovation Network (CINet) Conference, HAN University of Applied Sciences Arnhem Business School, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 

  • Rofcanin Y., Koch S., Berber A. (2012) “Triggering effective organizational level innovation: Evidence from Turkey”, XXIII. International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference, La Salle University, Barcelona, Spain. 

  • Berber A., Özkan A., Berberoglugil B. (2012) “Walking the path towards self efficacy by learning more from leader behaviours: Scale development effort and qualitative insights”, 11thWorld Conference of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM), University of Limerick, Ireland. 

  • Berber A., Rofcanin Y. (2012) “New lenses for novel bridges. Discovering the past and understanding today: How do managers of tomorrow make use of paradigms to develop their ways towards the future?”, 11thWorld Conference of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM), University of Limerick, Ireland. 

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